and stop viewing feminists as man haters!

Sorry, but tumblr has put out the impression that feminists are man haters, once feminist stop calling all men potential rapists, hit me up. 

You have a bowl of M&Ms. Of the hundreds of M&Ms in the bowl, 20 are a deadly poison that will kill you.

And they all look identical.

Go ahead, take a handful! Why not…what’s wrong? Not all M&Ms are poison you know. Stop acting like all M&Ms are potentially poisonous!! You’re being really unfair to them. You must hate M&Ms.

That’s what you’re saying asshat. Us feminists, we KNOW not all men are evil or rapists etc etc. but guess what?
The way our society is structure not all of them have to be. And the final nail in the coffin of oppression is that when feminists come up with a specific list (featured above) of shit that most, if not all guys do at some point to some degree, what do you do? “Feminists are man haters because women think all men are potential rapists.”

So eat a dick sir. Cover it in willful ignorance and friend zoned fedoras and eat a big, patriarchal, dick.

And if you think I’m being bitchy, please re-read your comment and realize this is how people are supposed to respond when you ignore their concerns and make them out to be bigots.